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Tal Salhab, Syria

Ankara December 12, 1993 9:57 AM

Minutes of meeting in Tal Salhab, Syria

We visited Tal- Salhab Sugar factory in December 7, 1993 Tuesday between 0900-1400 hours. Sugar plant is originally built by Italians. It is clearly understood that quality of equipment is generally not good. We met two engineers then their technical manager in the plant.

Client would like to have steam attemperation between 40-60 tph steam output range, at 35kg/cm2 pressure and 380+/- 10C steam temperature. General process requirement is 90 tons. They have three each 30 tph Galtieri/Italy supply steam boilers and one 10 tph hot water boiler for service water requirements.

Feedwater is received from condensate water tank at 105C which is situated on the first floor at about 8meter elevation. No deaerator, no water treatment necessary. They need two each new 100% capacity feedwater pumps, one driven by steam turbine, the other with e/m. Ambient temperature is assumed to be 35C. (summertime, day temperatures between 30-40C, night 20-25C). Altitude is 300m

New boiler will be placed in an open space close to fueloil tanks. They have one fueloil nr.6 and one diesel oil daily tank plus Main fuel tanks 700 ton and 90 tons.

The real difficulty in this proposal is that they would like to have the civil works to be carried out by the client. Soil is week. Some parts of the plant, piling has been done for 22meter deep. Boukai advises us to contact a local civil contractor to handle the civil works but requests us to deliver the necessary civil works design drawings, loadings etc to delivered as soon as possible. He also advises that rule of thump 1m3 reinforced concrete is about 400 Syrian Pounds (approximately 10 US$). That has to be reviewed carefully.

Available electrical conditions is 380volts/3ph/50HZ and they have enough capability in their nearby transformer upto 1000KW. We shall deliver our MCC and control panel. Control panel will be next to existing control panel serving existing 3 boilers. New controls will be able to work parallel to existing pneumatic controls. In a separate tender, they also want to have replacement of existing pneumatic controls with new ones. We offered all microprocessor replacement, but they did not accept.

Acid cleaning procedure is requested. Expanders and tube replacement equipment is requested in maintenance equipment.

In a separate package, they need our assistance for vendor specifications for one each Pressure reducing station for 30tph steam 3bar/1bar. We promised to assist them through Boukai.

Existing Back Pressure Steam Turbine is cantieri Navali Reuniti, Genova.

Year 1976, Max Output, 5,250KW

A Turkish company whose name is Glenko, Istanbul (phone 5624782) has worked in the plant to supply conveyors. We faxed them to have further information to have local information and assistance.

Plant is generally not in good condition. There may be further activities to be carried out after receiving the first order. BWG general manager Mr. Jeffrey Green was with me in this visit.

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