Friday, December 22, 2006

Economic Crisis of Turkey- Creation and Solutions

Dear Colleagues

Yesterday lunch time, at about 12 hours we gathered in Cicek (Flower) restaurant at Tunali and Bulten Streets of Ankara. We are year 1968 graduates of Ankara Ataturk High School -6th grade science section/ all- male class.

Our waiter Mehmet Bey- retiree of Presidential Palace, welcomed us and after our courtesy wording back & forth, he advised us to taste their Black Sea fish grill (hamsi tava). As usual he exaggerated his service with lots of salad and dessert and tea.

While having our lunch, we sent SMS mobile messages to our colleagues who missed our lunch but would be in Ankara, to join us. One of them, just after his recent landing to Ankara airport, heading to his office, joined us within 15 minutes. He got cold flue during long hours of international flight to participate a tender in Libya. He explained his last experience in tendering. He says that administration is adding new procedures into commercial tender documents such as compulsory partnering with a local company not less that 30% ownership etc.

Since we approach to New year, we gave our book presents to each other. My choice was Ms. Zeynep Atikkan’s “American Insanity” explaining the difficult procedures/ and policies after 9/11.

My present was “New Economic Crisis of Turkey- Creation and solutions” by a young scholar named Selim Somcag. Who is this guy?? What sort of book is this? With those questions in my mind, I started reading the book before sleep as if it was one of Orhan Pamuk books. However I could not sleep all night. I finished the book. I strongly recommend you to read the book. You can sleep later, if you can.

We have no forward messages here, all original. Your comments are always welcome.

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