Monday, November 27, 2006

Eskisehir, The best City to live in Turkey

On last Saturday morning at about 0800 AM we departed from METU Ankara campus, 6 teachers, 18 students of Arch-301 course from Architecture Department.

Tour was headed by Prof Aydan Balamir and her co-supervisor Architect Kadri Atabas, both of METU Faculty of Architecture.

We had first stop in SivriHisar town, 150 km west of Ankara, for breakfast. We had linden soup.

We saw "Armenian Church" at the far end of SivriHisar town. We noted that we should organize another tour for that point.

Then we had a stop in "Seyit Battal Gazi" Castle, an extraordinary ancient structure.

We had lunch in nearby local restaurant-
operated by Ayfer-Turhan Yayla couple, named "Soup Maker".
Delicious Soup and meatballs. (0222- 671 2363)

Then we arrived to Kutahya, at about 1500 hours,

and visited The Grand Mosque which took its name from the 14th century mosque in the early Ottoman style (with many columns and no dome). The first mosque was later demolished and rebuilt in the late 19th century as a huge domical structure in the classical Ottoman style

plus other educational structures, and museum.

Last stop was Germiyen Mansion (0274- 2245552) which was operated as a coffeehouse. We had tea- coffee and various deserts

Later in Kutahya we had a half hour stop at “Gurallar porcelain factory”, and we had purchases at reasonable prices. Students preferred various coffee mugs.

We arrived to Anatolian University YunusEmre Campus Guest house at about 2100 hours, for unloading our personal belongings and get refreshed

We had tne dinner in a small buffet near Train station, we had soup and meatballs

Then we went to disco named "222" earlier named "Doors" converted from a small fabrication plant which were producing flour earlier. Entrance fee was 20 YTL per person including first drink. We preferred one glass of red wine Doluca. Mainly Turkish pop in huge volume, live performance. We then returned to our guest house at about 0200 hours early Sunday morning.

Open buffet breakfast on Sunday Morning. Campus tour. Japanese gardens.

City tour in OdunPazari (Wood Market) ancient city, recently renovated.

We visited Kursunlu Religious building structure. 16th Century.

Ministry enforcement of 80% facing application of brickworks. Good application.

Then we had in-city tour along Porsuk river,
on pedestrian paths, new bridges over the river, new statues

Light rail public transportation to reach fast anywhere in the city.

We had Lunch in Tatar restaurant- special Tatar raw borek / pastry

Visit to “Art Museum” in Campus

“HayalPares” Disco structure, converted from machinery plant

New Shopping mall "Haller" converted from a vegetable indoor marketing hall.
"Shakespeare Cafe Pub Restaurant" was extraordinary. (0222-320 2525)

On Return we had stop again in SivriHisar, beans- rice- yogurt

Arrival to Ankara at about 2200 hours, home by taxi.

We had an extraordinary tour. We felt like living in a medium size Mid- European city in EskiSehir.

It is not incorrect to state that Eskisehir is the best city to live in Turkey.

We congratulate Eskisehir Municipality and the extraordinary Mayor Prof Yilmaz Buyukersen.

Also many thanks to our Organisers.

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