Saturday, August 06, 2005

Seminar on CE Marking

For at least more than a month, I am a part of seminars prepared by a project in Ankara which is funded by the European Union.

I joined to their early "Training of the Trainees" program, then I am invited to their Istanbul seminars on two consecutive weeks on Construction Materials as local consultant/ interpreter / assistant/ moderator, you name it. In Ankara I was just a simple participant this week, on Lifts to EU norms.

It is a great opportunity to participate to these seminars since I learn a lot. These are good opportunities to meet local business people as well as highly experienced foreign consultants.

Whether we shall be able to participate into European Union within next 10-20 or even 50 years, I don't care a bit. I am not a politician. All I care is to sell our products to member countries of European Union.

In order to sell our products to the member states of EU, we need to have CE marking certified by Notified Body of the European Union.

Since we are not a member, so we do not have any notified body in Turkey. So that means we need to find a proper notified body in EU member countries with reasonable prices for certification of our products to CE marking. That is the most critical point.

So we understand that this is the rule of the game.

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