Saturday, August 06, 2005

GMEI in The White House

The White House in Ankara is a special restaurant for the academicians of Hacettepe University in their Beytepe Campus. GMEI is the ODTU Alumni Commission on The "Greater Middle East Initiative" working group to create thoughts on The Initiative from Turkish National point of view. It is a think tank to create thoughts on the Greater Middle East Initiative from Turkish point of view.

Members are senior graduates of the Middle east Technical University, each from a different department.

We had our meeting yesterday night in the White House of Ankara, 10 individuals all special in their professional activities. We had dinner menu, white Angora then an Italian red dry sek, coffee, and lots of talks. One of our senior members has participated to the special Loussanne meeting last week. We listened to his interpretation of the event. We had toasts.

We had our job distribution for the book we are preparing on GMEI. Later in the night we shared our experiences on various issues. We had some tentative travels together to foreign lands sometime in Sacrifice Holiday, maybe to Frinze, Italy.

It was an extraordinary night for each of us, although moonless but with hot summer breeze, and beautiful Ankara view. We wished to repeat more often.


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that "Initiative" is just something else!

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