Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Opera version is better than its Film "Gegen die Wand" in Bremen Opera House

Bremen, GERMANY- Last night your writer was in Theater Bremen to watch the new Opera named after "Gegen die Wand", the latest performance based on the script of the famous award winning film by Fatih AKIN.

The price awarded film has received success and controversial discussions in the German cinemas in year 2004. The new opera tells the sad story of two young German Turks. Sibel (Sirin KILIC) marries with Cahit (Levent BAKIRCI) in a fictitious marriage, in order to escape the close moral conceptions of her family. Cahit actually falls in love with his wife.

The composer Ludger Vollmer is in great success to write highly emotional music. He uses not only classical, but also various Turkish instruments, to enrich the sound of opera.

It is your writer's sincere feeling that the Opera version is much better than the film itself. It is maybe we all know the full version of the award winning film, new Opera is different with many surprising details.

Director (Michael Sturm) has put exceptional work but could not escape from your writer's humble critics.

Opera starts with an unnecessary religious and bloody ceremony to shock the audience. A sheep in a sack is sacrificed, simply butchered and hung up 3 meter high with blood (red paint obviously) flowing down the stage, which irritates the audience especially at the front seats.

A sand watch pours sand from the stage ceiling almost 10 meters down nonstop. That is a health hazard not only for the players but also for all.

Bride's head scarf is burned and its ashes are left to pollute the environment in the second half.

The big and dangerous scary butcher knife is left uncontrolled most of the time.

Beautiful lady player Selma (Martina Parkes) is asked to creep on top of the male players pretending whether they are worshiping or praying´with high accident risk to fall down the stage.

We wonder if this Opera can be performed in Turkey with so high dose of profanity and virtual pornographic interpretations. A new direction may be needed for a performance in Istanbul. Sureyya Opera house may be an ideal location.

New composed music was extraordinary. Composer brought together the various themes of Turkish music in jazz, opera and local music themes.

What can we say more than "Congratulations" for creating such an extraordinary performance on the Theater Bremen stage..

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