Monday, June 26, 2006

Bodrum night by the seaside with Mozart

My wife has small all-girls clubs. In One of many, they are the girls of Architecture departmnent of Ankara Academy who were together from Alumni year 1973.

They come together and enjoy every week in of their houses.

Now one of them (Guler) offered to meet in their summer house in Bodrum, in a small but a luxury summer house in Nagme housing complex in the south of TurgutReis, by the seaside, in the openair outdoor garden overlooking the seafront to Kos island

We were invited. Me and my youngest son were the only male companions, so shy and so silent all night.

Girls had the scene, and the all activity, extraordinary hosts

I felt like in one of movie secants of famous Movie Director Ferzan Ozpetek, in one of his famous Italian films.

Lots of Flowers and candles, delicious food, lots of special quality wine and spirits.

At the background on CD player, we had opera "Die Entf├╝hrung aus dem Serail", K.384 (16.7.1782 Burgtheater, Vienna) by Mozart.

Girls of my past, some 30 years of history were together that night, speaking, telling memories, jokes and stories of their youth, in an extraordinary environment

It is a pitty that we man do not have that spiritual gatherings, although I would prefer to watch worldcup 2006 somewhere, anyhow that was also a good opportunity to have access to female secret world of bondage

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