Sunday, September 04, 2005

This is a casual Blog,

This is a casual blog,
Do not get too serious here,
You are not a prime minister,
nor an undersecretary,
Neither a director, nor a boss,
It is not important here
That you are rich or poor,
But it is important that
You are happy and healthy,

Time is frozen here for you,
You are at your early 20s,
Do enjoy as if you are young
And happy
and healthy
and handsome,

On the very first day,
That you were once,
A recent young university graduate,

Do not take anything too serious,
Do believe that
no one can make you angry,
Or scared, or unhappy.

You will never be angry, unhappy or scared,
If you do not let them so.

Drop something to share
into the comment box
For this blog
now and then,
Not necessary serious or important,

Better but not necessary, if serious or important,
Any announcement, any information,
Any story, any poem,
You feel appropriate,

Anything in any language,
Either in English, in Russian,
Or even in Japanese or in Swahili,

Anything you have experienced,
On a dry hot desert in somewhere in Arabian Peninsula,
Or in CN tower in Toronto,
Or in deep artic Siberian construction camp,

This is one of rare places,
That you were once
Young, handsome, energetic,
Full of hope and joy,

Time is frozen for you
In this virtual blogger
All designed to please you
To feel happy, carefree,
Enjoy that you are here.

Thank you!


zynep said...

the things u write about blogs is very nice(and true) and u tell exactly what the blog means...
i wish we all bloggers put these writings to our blogs like a pos-it note:))
thanks ....

yuvakuran said...