Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bull in Modern Times

In year 1991, I had Ankara Istanbul flight late at night together with our General Manager, Jeff Green. We were on a marketing mission in Istanbul for negotiations.

I saw my dearest friend from my precious university mechanical engineering undergraduate years, the sweetheart of all pretty girls in the university, we called him, "Ox". Anyhow he says that he was "Bull" not "Ox".

I asked Jeff if he could change his seat with Bull so that we two school friends can sit together and exchange the latest developments in our respective lifestyles. Jeff said "No problem". He took all his documents and briefcase and replaced his seat with Bull.

Although we had 4 (four) years together in the undergraduate years with Bull, it was almost 20 years later now we were together again. From time to time, I had news directly or indirectly from Bull, he was in USA, in Britain, in Europe, in South America, Africa, Sahara, Algeria, Nepal, India, you name it anywhere in the world.

I asked the latest news, where he had been, new opportunities, and new business. I remember he once introduced himself to our principal business figure, Mr. Sakip SABANCI, of Sabanci Holding, "Let me introduce myself sir, my name is Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror of Istanbul". Mr. Sabanci was first very surprised (or shocked) and then understood that Bull was trying to have his attention, so very pleased to have Bull in his corporate staff.

Anyhow Bull had so much ambition that he left Sabanci group, then joined the biggest private enterprise, Koc Group, and then later he formed his own company and got very rich in rehabilitation of steam boiler business. He is now a prominent businessman in Istanbul in energy business at this time.

He said, "Haluk, in your lifetime man has limited opportunity. You do with that limited capability what you can do to create your next generations. Unfortunately I have spent most of them in various parts of the world. Hence I do not know the outcome."
I said " Don't worry you will get married and then do your homework from now on". His eyes flashed with a big smile. He brought up a picture, and said, "Look, this is Cherry. My daughter, only one-year old." A small beautiful baby daughter smiling in the photo.
I roared and responded with anger, "How come you got married and I do not know. Your best friend is NOT invited to your wedding?"
He responded " Yes, surely we need a wedding, don't we? but I do not know when?"
I surprised and asked "Common, you will not tell me that you are escaping from marriage, get married and do your homework with whatever you have left in rest of your life".
"I am NOT the one in responsible for not getting married. I do want to get married but I am refused to get married." He responded.
"That is impossible. There is no woman who can refuse your wedding proposal." I said.
"That is a reality, our times are changed. Now we are to prove that we deserve to get married and a daughter between us is not a firm commitment nor a reason for marriage."
I was stunned. A handsome successful businessman in Istanbul, with a daughter from his beloved woman, cannot get married, since he still does not get qualified for marriage. A real shock in changing times.

Later in time, Cherry's father and Cherry's mother got married and they are happily living ever after since then. He prepared a web site for his beautiful baby daughter, where he calls himself NOT only father but the best friend of Cherry, who is now 15 years old, living with her parents in Istanbul.

Time is getting changed. Nothing is same as before.

I am not sure if this is a proper story to tell. I do not know why I wrote it. I do not know how to end.

Do you have any comments how to end up this story? Any further suggestions or plot to add?

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Oya Kayacan said...

Stories go on and on telling themselves. Why end them?