Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding in METU, Ankara

Dear Colleagues,

It was a very special and also first of its kind wedding ceremony which took place on a Saturday afternoon in September 2009 in the Middle East Technical University (METU) Social House courtyard in an open-air green field environment.

Your writer took some notes to help the newcomers for a new wedding concept country style if they wish to repeat and/or continue in future.


One Bride- Graphic Designer, One Bridegroom – Engineer,

One Mother-in Law, Architect Academician, in charge of concept developer, and basic designer of every detail

One Mother-in Law, Retired Architect from Ministry of Public Works, in charge of cost control, project management and project execution

Two Fathers - in Law, with low profile, as lowest as possible (i.e. yours truly)

Project Finance by Grand Mothers/ Grand Fathers

Basic Design Concept

Arrange comfortable and sufficient number of seats for elders to be seated. Fresh fruit juice- water- tea- coffee to be served for them non-stop

Arrange lots of standing space for the young professionals, academicians, guests of both parties, to enable them to make networking.

Serve best local wine only, white, rose, red dry Kavaklidere Çankaya, Rose, Yakut.

Order lots of Canapés, tapas, pastries, cheese balls, plus three types of grapes, in yellow, green and red color.

Use the natural stairs at the site for the bride and bridegroom to enter wedding platform and to start wedding ceremony. Live music is recommended.

Arrange amphitheater table seating on the green grass for the wedding ceremony.

Let Guests standing, while making an informal circle around the wedding table to enable guests to take unlimited number of digital photos, videos.

No official welcoming, nor any ceremony while leaving, all casual.

Keep the number of guests between 300-400.

Put Road direction warnings to let the guests to arrive to the parking lot of the wedding ceremony.

Special warning is to be given to both security gates, to welcome the incoming guest drivers.

Password to pass the security gate would be the names of bride and bridegroom.

Big parking space is necessary for the cars. That was secured in METU.

Make contract with a reputable reliable photo agent to take professional photo shots and video recording. Call 0312 223 9424 Bado Photography in Ankara

Order a normal fruit cake as the wedding cake. It is tastier for sure.

Order fresh white flowers for the wedding ceremony table.


Best timing for such an important family occasion is a Saturday evening in September prior to new semester in the University, appropriate after summer vacation for all guests.

Choose a historical date such as 9/11, 12 Sep, etc. to remember easily.

Pray to your Creator for clean sky and no rain during wedding ceremony. Prepare sufficient number of umbrellas. Warn your guests to bring theirs.

Start wedding ceremony at 1630 hours, and finalize at about 2000. Film music of “Space Odyssey- 2001” is good choice.

Dress code

Business dress code for gentlemen, black suit, white shirt, necktie recommended, Saturday casual is also tolerated. No dress code for the ladies.

Recommended Music

Chamber Orchestra, violin, cello, accordion, non-stop playing light pop and pop jazz. Call Mr.Bekata Kemal Ozen, Cellular 0542 483 9131 or 0312 447 8349


No fireworks, no sugar packages, no balloons.

No high heels for the ladies. All on green grass.

Invitation Announcement Recommendations

Make three invitation announcements during preparation

The first is to be released at about one month before tentative wedding date to announce the tentative date, hour, place to your close friends by email, and get their confirmation to attend or advise their participation status.

The second announcement is to be made two weeks before the wedding date via email and hardcopy invitation cards to follow.

The third announcement is to be made via cellular phone SMS on the wedding date early morning.

All types of flowers, well wishing messages, telegrams, unlimited opportunities for digital camera shots, video recordings welcome

Recommended tipping

Lowest paper money in circulation for the messengers, floweriest etc.

Second lowest paper money in circulation for the restaurant workers/ servants.

Never tip wedding officer unless otherwise there is clear indication for expectation.


Keep one spare black suit, white shirt, shoes and necktie for the bridegroom and
one spare white summer dress and one pair of white shoes for the bride in the car for any last minute inconvenience.

Post wedding

Post wedding party would be in the nearby Uptown Café, in the university campus, within a few minutes walk from the wedding ceremony.

Two tables reserved one for the elders of the both families, the other for close friends of the newly wed couple.

FaceBook group formation and twitter access are highly recommended for future documentation. That is the responsibility of Brothers- in Law

It was a real challenge to organize, execute and finalize this wedding occasion.

If I had to live my entire life in just one day,
I would choose my wedding day.
If I had a dream to fulfill,
It would be this day.
If all my wishes were to come true,
It would be this moment.
If luck should shine in my life,
Its now.
My wedding day..

Our best wishes of happiness to the newly married couple.

Your comments are always welcome

Haluk Direskeneli, Ankara based Wedding Analyst

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