Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nabucco in Ankara Opera House

Dear Colleagues, Dear Energy Professional, Dear Sir/ Madame;

I am very happy that the Nabucco pipeline agreement is already signed on 13th July 2009 in Ankara. It is for sure that if there is demand for any product, there is always supply to satisfy that demand.

Although we have some doubts to get gas to fill in the pipeline, we witness that the countries are making statements to supply.

Today they are Iraq, Turkmenistan; tomorrow we shall see Azerbaijan, Egypt to join.

If Syria can generate we can see her to join the upstream supplier countries, as long as gas is so expensive in Europe. That is because Russia artificially pushes the gas prices up.

What I wished to see was the State Opera House performance of Nabucco Opera. A simple CD playing in Hotel Lobby was miserable. That was not a good show.

We need meeting rooms with high ceilings as in Palaces. There are similar facilities suitable for such important occasions. An Ankara commercial hotel room with low ceiling was not appropriate for such a great ceremony.

It would be extraordinary opportunity to show world that Ankara Opera House is no different than Wien Opera House and our opera singers, chorus, the orchestra all are no less match. In future, Ankara State Opera House should be ready for such performance by all means, by having all self sacrifice from summer holiday.

All my life I wished to see world famous Opera houses, and after 35+ professional works, I had the opportunity to see most of the reputable ones. I am sure that Ankara Opera House is small, humble but one of the best in quality. Nabucco pipeline agreement ceremony was a great opportunity to prove her extraordinary artistic value.

That was a missed opportunity. However in future we should not miss that opportunity.

For each milestone of the Nabucco pipeline project execution, We should have Opera performance to prove that Turkey is a great country, I am sure Turkey is

Your comments are always welcome

Haluk Direskeneli, Ankara based Energy Analyst

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