Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Literature Club

Dear Colleagues

We have organised a new club event in our ODTU Alumni Premises. That is "Literature Club" to gather the interested Alumni members. Here are our early preparations. We wish to have your comments and further contributions in certain loose items, which we do not know how to proceed at this time

Here is the preliminary structure of our Literature club in our Alumni Association in Ankara

We shall initiate evaluations of the novels from the early days to the contemporary creations with certain selection criterias in our minds. Our preliminary novel list will include local and international books

We shall evaluate the writer and his/her period

The evaluation of his/her period in the history, social, political, technical (famine, war, plague, economic crises, industrial developments, social revolutions, cold war, drastic changes in social life, change in country ruling etc)

Evaluation of other writers in the same period

Plot, theme, language, structure of sentences, wording organisation in the subject novel etc

From time to time, Invitation of a contemporary writer to our Alumni premises to review his books

Meeting every 2-weeks in our Alumni premises (Thursday at 1900 hours) Review of the selected books prior to bi-weekly regular meeting by members

Evaluation of the pre-selected book-of-the-week

Here is the draft list of the recommended books (novels)
Hay bin Yakzan- Ibni Sina-Ibni Tufeyli (Middle Eastern- Middle Ages)
Robinson Crusoe- by Daniel Dafoe
Portrait of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde
Novel in Industrial revolution 1800-1900 - Queen Victoria period
La Condition humaine, 1933 (Man's Fate, 1934) André Malraux
China and far east in 1900s
Erich Maria Remarque- A Time to Love and a Time to Die
A wedding night- by Ms Adalet Agaoglu (Turkish)
47's- by Ms Firuzan (Turkish),
One day all alone- by Vedat Turkali (in Turkish)
Only hot ashes remained- by Ms Oya Baydar (in Turkish)

That list will continue since there are many good books to review

So here is our draft announcement for Alumni members

"We have a new Literature Club in our Alumni premises. We expect you to participate to our Thursday night regular meetings in every two weeks at 1900 hours. We would like to read, review and evaluate in our Literature hour. Please do join us on 25th Jan 2007 Thursday night at 1900 hours"

I would like to ask my Blog readers to advise me written document(s) how to organise and how to apply what procedures for such a gathering in our club premises.

Any sort of comment, evaluation, any document will be very helpful. Thank you in advance

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