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A Past Incident in Istanbul in 1996

Accident Report August 16, 1996 Friday
Istanbul Kempinski Hotel Ciragan Palace at 15:30.

This accident report is written for files only for future application if needed.

Our sales team departed from Akcakoca Diapolis Hotel at 11:00 hours. We had approximately 200 kilometres to reach Istanbul. Our driver local Mustafa Topal was on the driving steer.
JV Company General Manager, Mr. Don L. McKenzie, an American expatriate and his wife were at the back seat.

At about 01:00PM, we crossed the second Bosporus Bridge named Fatih (named after Sultan Mehmet II), to arrive Kempinski Hotel before our scheduled meetings with two different clients. We crossed the bridge, and followed the traffic signs to arrive (at a) parallel street on Bosporus. We turned right, first lost the road; (then) we made a circle to reach to the first place.

Then we asked a taxi driver how to reach the parallel road which leads to (the) hotel. He explained the right direction and (we) asked (if we could) follow him since he was going in the same direction. We followed him down (hill). (The) road was very narrow and steep. A private driver with a white Renault Flash car, with (a) mobile phone in his hand, (and was) probably talking at that time, was driving upwards, (and) accidentally lost control for a while, closing (the) left lane.

(The) taxi in front of us (had to brake immediately to avoid striking him.) We were just behind him, and our driver could not brake (in) time and we (collided with his rear bumper) We immediately stopped another taxi, and let our GM and his wife to leave the accident site to go to the Hotel.

Then we checked the damage. (The) taxi's rear bumper was broken, (and our) left light and radiator were damaged.

Since I had no mobile phone available, I hitchhiked to nearest police station to report the accident. (The) police said they (were) not responsible; we should (call) the nearest police car on duty. They called 155- toll-free, and explained the
situation and gave direction(s) (to) where the accident (had)happened. I took
another taxi and arrived (at the) accident point.

(The) white car driver called his colleagues by his mobile phone. Two cars arrived in 10-15 minutes to support and assist their friends. Then they started to complain that they (were) not guilty, (that) they have many things to do, and they (had) to leave. We insisted (that they) stayed until police car arrived and (examined) the site.

(The) police car arrived (within) half an hour, (and) they listened (to) all (the) parties; (the) white car driver, (the) taxi driver, (and) our driver. They concluded that (the) white car driver (was not) guilty since he (had) no (injuries, and) no damage (to) his car. There (was) no physical evidence. They fined him for dangerous driving, and collected 750,000TL, approximately 10 US Dollars, and let him go.

Then they (breathalysed) the other two drivers and explained (to) them that they (would) prepare and (give them a) copy of their accident report on the same day at 16:30 hours near Rumeli Castle, a popular meeting place to find their police car.

(The) taxi driver took (a) photocopy copy of our insurance papers to ask (the)insurance company to pay. We (also) took (a) photocopy of his insurance papers.

Next our driver took our car to nearest authorized repair shop to investigate the damage, and get (an) expert report for (the) insurance repayment. We have been told that (the) insurance expert in Istanbul (could not) be found immediately, since there (were) many accidents everyday,(there were not enough experts to cover the

We were advised that we should transport our car by truck to Ankara on the same day and get the expert report in Ankara and start necessary repair work in Ankara. (The expert saw) the car in Ankara and prepared his report. (There wasn't a) problem, (the) damage (wasn't) much, (and the) insurance (paid). But if we (kept) our car
in Istanbul, we (couldn't) use our car for (a) week. Normally we don't drive our family cars for company purpose since we have other responsibilities to carry out. We needed (our) company car for company activities. (We were recommended that) our driver (should) negotiate with (a) truck driver to (transport) the car.

On Monday 19th August 1996, I (was) told that the driver (who told you?) found the transportation prices too high. He made (a) small repair to close the leaking radiator, (surprisingly with dry Turkish Fig) and had a test drive to Toll-gate of the main highway from Istanbul to Ankara. He checked 2-3 times if it was leaking. After having enough confidence that it (was) not leaking, he drove and arrived to Ankara in 5 hours.

The next day, (the) expert inspected the car, (and) prepared his accident report. Renault repair shop made the necessary repairs, and replacements in 3-4 hours. (The) car was ready on Monday.

We will keep mobile phone available at all times in Istanbul. We will ask our driver to be extremely cautious while driving down hills, (and insist that he) keep enough space between himself and the car in front.

Trip Report, Italy 1996

Trip Report, Italy
between January 29 - February 2, 1996
Together with
Rich Killion, Department Chief of B&W HRSG Barberton Ohio USA,
Don L.McKenzie, Expatriate General Manager of BWG, Ankara Turkey

January 28,1996 Hotel Cavour in Milan at 18:00 hours

We gathered in the Hotel Cavour lobby in Milan on January 28,1996 evening together with Mr. PierFrancesco Rimbotti.

We planed our game plan how to respond to our hosts in the meetings scheduled throughout the following week in Italy. We agreed that initially Francesco should explain B&W and its Italian Rep Sepro in general, utility, HRSG and package boilers, past B&W experiences and references in Italy, relationship with licensee Ansaldo, broad perspective of B&W's future expectations in Italian market, B&W's new hot product HRSG, B&W design capabilities, six joint venture companies strategically located in the world, nearest one BWG in Ankara, its geographical closeness to the subject market, Turkey's new involvement to European Customs Union which creates B&W/BWG's keen interest to work in Italian and European market, all these to be accomplished by forming strategically sound partnerships. Rich was responsible to explain B&W Barberton design modular, horizontal gas flow, natural circulation HRSGs, past experience, third generation design and its recent references, design advantages, how to handle shorter erection. Then DLM with assistance of HD was responsible to explain the competitive advantage of utilizing nearest B&W joint venture in Ankara, how it was formed, how close it is to Italy, how competitive its prices would be etc.

We agreed that our marketing strategy has to emphasis advantages based primarily on location dictated, then technology dictated. HRSG's easy contractibility in the nearest joint venture facility in Ankara, latest design which allows short erection period at site, overall mechanical productivity. We had to emphasis importance of technical personnel to be located in Milan (in future), more PR, and confidence building, B&W's technical office in London/UK, contact office in Milan/ Sepro. B&W Barberton will provide technical support to BWG for Italian projects. This arrangement offers an economically priced HRSG with the latest technology, with each project optimized for the highest efficiency.

Meeting with Snamprogetti in their head office at "20097 S.Donato Milanese" on January 29,1996 between 10:00-12:00

We met in Snamprogetti with following persons, all in Energy Package Section, Packaged Systems & Furnaces
Ferruccio Frangi, Group Leader
Franco Grinzi, Manager
Giovanni Carbotti
Eugenio Nichelini,

In our meeting, we explained B&W and its nearest joint venture BWG capabilities, their advantages to work with us, our keen interest to cooperate with Snamprogetti in Italy and/or other parts of the world. In return, they explained that they are interested in B&W design HRSGs, other boilers and E/P. They have one project in Sardini island with El-Paso type boiler. They have limited interest in FGD since they have their own design to implement when needed. That is promoted by Topsoe of Holland which is 50% owned by Snam. They have one pilot FGD plant in Sicily island. Enel has a number of FGD projects, one of them installed in Brindisi. Snam estimated that a turnkey site erected HRSG scope for Frame-9 could cost 12 billion Liret, whereby shop assembled may cost 9 billion Liret. We expect HRSG scope fabricated and delivered by BWG, 4 billion Liret FOB, 6.6 billion Liret assembled. Snam recommends that similar project may cost 3.5 billion Liret. That is reasonable Market price in Italy. In North America it may cost 3 million USD, whereby BWG may deliver for 2.3 million US Dollar. Coen, John Zink duct burners are acceptable in Italy, and generally preferred. Rich explained that the one he explained site erection in detail, has been delivered in 4.5 month including delay in inlet duct. Right now, Snam explained that they are promoting one Frame-6 and one Siemens, two Frame-9E units (tar gasification with GE) in Italy. Furthermore we have been informed that there are following partnerships in Italy Standard Fasel/Vogt Maggi/Nooter Higgiotermeggi (has own design) Babcock Enterprise / France (own design) Belleli (financially insecure) Ansaldo (own design for Siemens V92, modular structure) They need HRSGs mostly for Frame-6 size. They had cooperated with FW in North America, and with ABB-CE in Pakistan in a number of projects. Our cooperation with Sondel is a very good opportunity to understand Italian market. They may need to source single drum boilers with 300,000 pph (136 tph) steam output capacity at 130 bar/ 520-530C. These projects are Ammonia and Urea Complexes firing primarily naturalgas. Wide range of chemical operation may be applicable in their projects. Snamprogetti has not been able to find single drum boilers at this capacity, but are familiar with two drum units from B&W and CE. They prefer single drum. Their application is a new or rare boiler requirement for high pressure industrial gas fired boilers. They have done several ammonia plants outside Italy and expect 4 to 5 per year. Boilers are included in their scope for such plants. They completed one in China and are bidding on one in Venezuela. We have a reference list.

Meeting with Sondel & engineering company Protecma in their Milan office on Monday

We met with
Roberto Tellarini, Direttore, Sondel Marketing Strategigo
Bruno Covili Faggioli, General Manager, Protecma
Dott.Ing.Giovanni Trombetti, Ingegneria Impiantistica, Protecma
Dott.Ing.Franco Meroni, Ingegneria Impiantistica, Protecma

We had same presentation. In return they explained that Protecma is an engineering company 100% owned by Sondel. In Italy they have two plants in operation, four plants in construction and two plants in project development stage.

Meeting with ENEL (in various instances three times in Milan and Roma).

We met with
Angelo Benanti, Manager Mechanical Design Group
Dott. Ing. Pietro Todisco
Mario Pastorino
Alberta Scerrati

After delivering our almost standard presentation, we have received following outcome from our hosts. A nearby B&W JVC, supported by parent B&W technology is a good opportunity to reduce overall costs and be competitive in Italian and Italian influenced markets. They have Repowering, revamping, retrofit projects whereby Environmental Impact Study of local administrations are very important in execution of the power projects. La Spezia Power Plant project. Existing coal fired B&W power boiler will be dismantled then new vertical forced circulation type HRSG will be installed into available space. HRSG with 3-pressure level. No condensate preheater. structural modifications are carried out at this time by ENEL design office. Boiler is top supported. GT will be Frame-9F. HRSGs will have two pressure levels. No additional foundation, or steel structure will be necessary since existing units will be used. Available space is the governing parameter. La Spezia plant will have 2x220MW GT coupled with 2XHRSG, plus 1 each steam turbine 320 MW MCR with reheater. There will be also an FGD project, for Units 3 & 4 expected to be tendered soon. Prequalification may be ended. Better to check in written, notice of tender. Trina plant is new, built by Ansaldo under Mitsubishi technology. 2X 120 MW GT plus 1x110MW ST, 2XHRSG 60 bar HP for HP, 6 bar for deaerator. Prequalified competitors in 1992 are Ansaldo (with Mitsubishi), Belleli (with NEM), F&W (Italian), Deutsche Babcock (with Turbotechnica). Pietrofiatta Project is coal firing FB design. It is on hold due to local administration regulations although project is feasible. They were talking about future projects Frame-9E, which could be ordered in 1996. In Vadolugira, FGD by Ansaldo with Mitsubishi technology received the order. We have been informed that all new tenders are to be announced in European Community Official Tender Journal (Bulletin) in order to give equal opportunity to all interested parties. Its Italian name is "Gazetta Ufficiale Della Comunita Europe". It will be good to review that journal continuously in order to find boiler opportunities in European Market. ENEL is in privatization scheme, and therefore they are interested in working together with all competitive parties. They are currently working in Ghana, Kampuchea, India as A/E company.

Meeting with Technimont in Milan on Monday at 17:00 hours

Participants on behalf of Technimont Francesco Ferrara, Heater Group Supervisor, Vessel & Heater Department Marco Blasioli, Engineer, They are specialized in turn-key construction of PTA plants around the world. They need process steam which is normally supplied by the client from existing power house.

TPL, Tecnologie Progetti Lavori Spa
with their partner IEMSA Company in Roma on Tuesday

TPL Participants were
Dott.Ing.Gaetano Zappulla, Vice- President Business Development
Dr.Ing.Riccardo Pascoli, Environmental Engineering Manager
Dott.Ing.Fernando Beghetto, Senior Quality Engineer
Lucis Flammini, Technipetrol (absent but should be contacted) 06/65985346
Ing.Vittorio Papagno, Amministratore Delegato IEMSA Impianti srl

We have been informed that Iemsa is a general contractor for site installation of power plants. They have many references in site installation of B&W design Ansaldo power plants in Italy for ENEL. They worked in Egypt for building power plants for Ansaldo then for Deutsche Babcock, UDE etc. Ansaldo plant in Tunis 2 x 170 MW with Russian and Portugal labours. We have evaluated our past joint proposal to Termica Cologno of Sepro, where Iemsa was general contractor, ENEL handling engineering, BWG was supplying HRSG for LM6000 gas turbine. Order is received by Nooter but that helped us to understand how to cooperate and work together in similar projects in future. TPL is formed in 1969 and restructured in 1995. TPL is an engineering and contractor company especially in building Refineries and similar Petrochemical installations. It is 95% owned by French Technip Group. TPL is building food, textile and light industrial installations. Moreover they work for infrastructures, state railways for High Speed Trains (We experienced, it is fantastic, fast, comfortable, and reasonable priced). They provide PM service for high speed railways construction, energy, environment and other infrastructure projects. They have detail engineering services. Certified to ISO-9001 by Bureau Veritas. In 1995 they were divided into two, TPL and Technipetro. Almost 800 personnel is working for Technipetro. TPL is active in South America, China and Middle East, Malaysia. They completed one PTA project with Amoco in Georgia USA. They have offices in Moscow and St.Petersburg. They look for strategical partnerships with competitive partners case by case basis.

Turbotechnica in Firenze on Wednesday
Participants were
Maurizio Amerini, Proposal Manager Power Plant & Cogeneration
Nicolo Gargini, Proposal Manager Power Plant & Cogeneration
Dino Catastini, Applications and Sales Manager, Power Plant & Cogeneration
Dr.Ing.Guelfo Gheri, Direttore Commerciale
Tarik Bayazit, GE Power Systems Istanbul
Dr.Peter Brown, GE Power Systems Istanbul

We generally reviewed ongoing important projects which we cooperate exclusively. Glassworks 2xPGT10 +2XGTWHRSG +2XGFWHRSG design is reviewed. GT and ST detail drawings received. Commercial issues reviewed. Bid date extension until March 11,1996. In the last period of our conversation, Dr.Ing.Guelfo Gheri, Direttore Commerciale joined us and expressed his positive expectations for future similar projects which we hope to cooperate. They indicated that they sell 8-10 GT projects per year, 4-5 of which require HRSG's in BWG's size range. They are looking for new partners.

Frene in Milano on Thursday

Participants were
Ing.Settimo Loforti, Direttore Technico e Attivita Operative
Ing.Fausto Ermolli, Responsabile Tecnologie e Sviluppo
Ing.Marco Gentili, Responsabile Processo e Coordinamento Produzione

They expressed their interest to work together in future if they install gas turbines into their plants. They had a rehabilitation study for a power plant in Sardine island. 4x600 tph steam boilers capable of firing oil and gas are installed but not operated until now. No steam turbines are installed. They need 4x70 MW steam turbines. Rich explained them that HRSGs can be FOB delivered in 10-12 months plus 2-5 months for site installation should be additionally considered. Normally Steam Turbine is on the critical path of a combined cycle power plant. ST needs special fabrication initiated only after order. They build Petrochemical plants. Steam is very important for their process. Low NOx emission regulations will be effective after January 1,1998. They will be in need of efficient Low- NOx burners. They want to demolish existing old steam boilers and install new Frame-9 plus HRSG + ST combined cycle power plants. They want to generate maximum energy and sell to national grid. (now 50 MW, 200MW in future). They are in ENI group, and under privatization. First boiler unit in Ravenna Petrochemical plant is out of operation due to irreparable cracks in the drum. They want to demolish the boiler and install new Combined Cycle power plant.

Edison in Milan on Friday

Participants were
Ing.Bruno Cavazzana, Coordinamento Investimenti Strategi
Ing.Enrico Malusardi, in charge of engineering
Ing Maurizio Malusardi, in charge of Electrical engineering
Ing.Luigi Orsenigo, in charge of purchasing
Cesare Antonini, Mechanical & Process Design Manager
Simone Simonetti, ILVA Servizi Energie

They are an IPP company in Italy, We explained our capabilities. They were interested in our presentation. We emphasized that we are available to serve them in their existing and new power plant projects, whichever arrangement would be suitable for them, by furnishing full design coverage from North America and available competitive overall prices created by utilizing nearby joint venture facilities. Edison has three following current projects, - Combined Cycle, 100MW, 2xLM6000, offers are received. In evaluation. - Combined cycle, 2 projects in development in Italy Frame-9, 140MW basic engineering ongoing, 1xGT + HRSG, no by-pass stack - River Po, 50 km far from Milan, waiting local authorization - Central Italy, Verona, waiting local authorization


In summary, we can conclude that there is general interest in B&W products in Italian market, and specific interest in more economical soulution for supplying the fabrication from JV in Ankara under B&W's engineering coverage. There are business potential in Italy for B&W and BWG's interest. We can work with and/or for Italian companies in or outside of Italy in a number of projects, together with other B&W JVs if necessary due to geographical position of the final destination. These meetings gave us an initial feeling that they are interested in our products, in our approach to deliver economically feasible final product, and we are ready to serve for them. Final evaluation is that we should have more emphasis on Italian market to promote B&W industrial products. That needs more contacts in the market, more support to Milan Sepro office. We need to bring together other follow-up ideas expected to be generated by B&W (R.Killion), and Sepro (P.F.Rimbotti).

Compiled on February 10, 1996

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On The Street

Last June, I had an office meeting with my school friend. We evaluated the current local market situation, how to create new opportunities, where to apply for new tenders etc

Then we completed the agenda items, I thanked and left the office. I returned to my car, loaded the back trunk with my hand bag, ready to get in and drive off.

A young man with decent clothing at his early 20s approached and said ”Sir I completed my military service and left army as of yesterday. Now I have to go home but I have no money. Could you care some money so that I buy my coach ticket to enable me to go back home??” I looked for some money, unfortunately I had none, I apologised. He murmured by himself and departed.

I was so unhappy afterwards. I wished to have some money to give him to help him to go home.

However after 2-3 months, my wife had some issues to handle at the downtown. I drove her to that point, parked my car waited for a while. I wanted to get some fresh air. At my backward, I heard the same story, the same voice tone, same young man, with same wording. This time in a very short period of time, I told him that he made me feel so displeased of myself a few months ago. But now I understood that his story is not true and I will not feel guilty this time. He got angry, murmured and left again

This month a young decent woman came to doorsteps of our house, said she had children, and need money to survive. Poor me again, I looked for some cash money and gave her. She later went to the other nearby houses and collected a reasonable amount of money.

Last year in London Underground entrance, a young school girl asked me some coin to pay ticket to go home. I gave her some coin, she then in the train, made fan of this activity with her friends.

Last week, a small boy was at the parking lot of our nearby supermarket. He asked some money to pay in-city bus ride to go home. After my shopping, I saw him again in the same parking lot, asking money from other newcomers.

Yesterday in our city downtown area, a man with decent clothing approached me and asked money for some reason,

I give money to the clerks working in cinema, showing our seats. I always keep some small cash for them. I always give tip to waiter in the restaurant. I always give some small tip to the boy cleaning my car, workers repairing my car, cleaning my car window, making pressure adjustment of my car tires, some money for our house cleaning assistant, I always try to make these working service people feel better if they make some service business, with some reasonable tips. I have some reasoning, but these requests are now different and getting more in number, and more in persuation.

Those asking at the street with no purpose, with some sad story, makes me so weird

And the number of these people are getting higher every day. We cannot walk free from these people. Do you feel the same??