Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Past Incident in Istanbul in 1996

Accident Report August 16, 1996 Friday
Istanbul Kempinski Hotel Ciragan Palace at 15:30.

This accident report is written for files only for future application if needed.

Our sales team departed from Akcakoca Diapolis Hotel at 11:00 hours. We had approximately 200 kilometres to reach Istanbul. Our driver local Mustafa Topal was on the driving steer.
JV Company General Manager, Mr. Don L. McKenzie, an American expatriate and his wife were at the back seat.

At about 01:00PM, we crossed the second Bosporus Bridge named Fatih (named after Sultan Mehmet II), to arrive Kempinski Hotel before our scheduled meetings with two different clients. We crossed the bridge, and followed the traffic signs to arrive (at a) parallel street on Bosporus. We turned right, first lost the road; (then) we made a circle to reach to the first place.

Then we asked a taxi driver how to reach the parallel road which leads to (the) hotel. He explained the right direction and (we) asked (if we could) follow him since he was going in the same direction. We followed him down (hill). (The) road was very narrow and steep. A private driver with a white Renault Flash car, with (a) mobile phone in his hand, (and was) probably talking at that time, was driving upwards, (and) accidentally lost control for a while, closing (the) left lane.

(The) taxi in front of us (had to brake immediately to avoid striking him.) We were just behind him, and our driver could not brake (in) time and we (collided with his rear bumper) We immediately stopped another taxi, and let our GM and his wife to leave the accident site to go to the Hotel.

Then we checked the damage. (The) taxi's rear bumper was broken, (and our) left light and radiator were damaged.

Since I had no mobile phone available, I hitchhiked to nearest police station to report the accident. (The) police said they (were) not responsible; we should (call) the nearest police car on duty. They called 155- toll-free, and explained the
situation and gave direction(s) (to) where the accident (had)happened. I took
another taxi and arrived (at the) accident point.

(The) white car driver called his colleagues by his mobile phone. Two cars arrived in 10-15 minutes to support and assist their friends. Then they started to complain that they (were) not guilty, (that) they have many things to do, and they (had) to leave. We insisted (that they) stayed until police car arrived and (examined) the site.

(The) police car arrived (within) half an hour, (and) they listened (to) all (the) parties; (the) white car driver, (the) taxi driver, (and) our driver. They concluded that (the) white car driver (was not) guilty since he (had) no (injuries, and) no damage (to) his car. There (was) no physical evidence. They fined him for dangerous driving, and collected 750,000TL, approximately 10 US Dollars, and let him go.

Then they (breathalysed) the other two drivers and explained (to) them that they (would) prepare and (give them a) copy of their accident report on the same day at 16:30 hours near Rumeli Castle, a popular meeting place to find their police car.

(The) taxi driver took (a) photocopy copy of our insurance papers to ask (the)insurance company to pay. We (also) took (a) photocopy of his insurance papers.

Next our driver took our car to nearest authorized repair shop to investigate the damage, and get (an) expert report for (the) insurance repayment. We have been told that (the) insurance expert in Istanbul (could not) be found immediately, since there (were) many accidents everyday,(there were not enough experts to cover the

We were advised that we should transport our car by truck to Ankara on the same day and get the expert report in Ankara and start necessary repair work in Ankara. (The expert saw) the car in Ankara and prepared his report. (There wasn't a) problem, (the) damage (wasn't) much, (and the) insurance (paid). But if we (kept) our car
in Istanbul, we (couldn't) use our car for (a) week. Normally we don't drive our family cars for company purpose since we have other responsibilities to carry out. We needed (our) company car for company activities. (We were recommended that) our driver (should) negotiate with (a) truck driver to (transport) the car.

On Monday 19th August 1996, I (was) told that the driver (who told you?) found the transportation prices too high. He made (a) small repair to close the leaking radiator, (surprisingly with dry Turkish Fig) and had a test drive to Toll-gate of the main highway from Istanbul to Ankara. He checked 2-3 times if it was leaking. After having enough confidence that it (was) not leaking, he drove and arrived to Ankara in 5 hours.

The next day, (the) expert inspected the car, (and) prepared his accident report. Renault repair shop made the necessary repairs, and replacements in 3-4 hours. (The) car was ready on Monday.

We will keep mobile phone available at all times in Istanbul. We will ask our driver to be extremely cautious while driving down hills, (and insist that he) keep enough space between himself and the car in front.


yuvakuran said...

I have amended your report (see below) The corrections are in brackets and so are one or two questions which would make the report clearer. Some of your tenses were confused, your English was sometimes a little awkward and you missed out a few words in each sentence. But considering that English isn't your first language it was to be expected. I noticed that you use American spellings, as I'm British I have used British spelling. In this case the only difference is the use of s instead of z. Also British English has less exacting puncutation than used by Americans. This did not affect the punctuation in this piece at all though.


yuvakuran said...

English is an amazing language. I would say things differently than
you, but I think I correctly understand what you said. Maybe lots of languages are that way, but I think English is influenced by many cultures around the world, so has developed a lot of variety.

I've inserted a couple of suggested revisions in your text below. I'm short on time this morning so can't revise the whole thing. I hope I didn't alter the meaning.

Maybe you, Haluk, can tell us more regarding how you want to improve your writing. What is the purpose of your writing and who is your audience? With this information, we might be able to offer you more useful support.

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