Monday, July 04, 2005

Canadian Day- 1st July 2005

Dear Colleagues

It was Canadian day, last Friday, 1st July 2005. I was invited to the celebration reception in the Canadian Embassy. Ambassador Michael Leir and his staff was welcoming the incoming guests at the embassy entrance.

Guests were from other foreign embassy staff, Corps Diplomatique so-to-speak, high level local public servants, ministers, undersecretaries, general managers, plus business people local and expatriates, as well as Turkish Canadians.

Embassy parking lot was full of high profile powerful big cars, their drivers and guards. Yours truely parked his car in his own office park, walked to the Embassy. That was more logical. There was no need to compete. Anyhow we were all on the same greengrass for networking.

Canadian Whisky, Canadian and French wines were available as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Food was abundant. I had some red dry wine as usual.

In these events, embassy invites all key figures (sometimes also your humble servant) and expect them to make necessary business networking.

Ladies were beautiful, all men were powerful in their business posts, weather was hot, dry and excellent, no clouds on the sky, sun was shining, a soft breeze all time on the embassy hill.

The Lady Commercial Councellor (Mrs. Jennifer Barbarie) informed that she completed her mission in Ankara, and she will be relocating in Ottawa shortly. We shall miss her very much. She was a great person in increasing Canadian Turkish business relations, especially in hydro power investment projects.

I met with Prof. Dr. Ronald Crelinsten in the reception. He is from University of Victoria of British Columbia, Centre for Global Studies. He is writing a new book on global risks. He says that he will be in Ankara for sometime. I agree that Ankara is the best place in the globe to write a book on global risks.

Thank you for inviting me to the Canadian Day. I enjoyed a lot.

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