Monday, October 31, 2005

American Library in Ankara

In my junior high years in Ankara, my father had a certain meeting in Kizilay, he took me to the American Library in Kizilay. The lady in charge at desk, introduced me to the children's book section of the library. Although I had limited fluency in English language at that time, I had a wonderful time that day and thereafter. I received my first library card to borrow wonderful books.

Later in time, library moved to a new environment with more space, more new books to offer on the Cinnah Hill. I continued to attend and borrow books. I graduated from university, I still continued to go to the library on Saturdays, and borrowing new books.

Due to growing security threads, library has limited its services and one day it is completely closed. Now we do not have a library. Ladies of the borrowing desk got retired. My childhood memories were left at past. Books are gone.

There is no substitute in Ankara, what a pity.

Monday, October 17, 2005


One has to give himself/herself some relaxation time to recharge. Last weekend we were in Kastamonu together with a group of academicians and students from METU Architecture Department. There was no need to plan anything. We had a smooth comfortable bus ride, lots of talk and jokes. Delicious food, lunch, dinner, breakfast. Extraordinary accomodation in Ottoman House in the city center. We hope to repeat similar tour events in future in the local environment.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Attila Ilhan- Nobel nominee for Literature

"Belâ Cicegi," Belâ Cicegi (1983).
Ankara: Bilgi Yayinevi, p. 24.

exhausted they were at the alsancak train station
flower of misery in the night was the clock at the station
nothing existed but themselves
a treacherous trembling seized the man
his hands were torn they were handcuffed
the wife was carrying his bag

nobody knew who they were
flower of misery in the night was the clock at the station
they got on a third-class car
it became clear the man would go
they seemed to have given up something
try what he may he couldn’t look at his wife

standing they smoked cheap cigarettes
flower of misery in the night was the clock at the station
they had already fallen in solitude
past and future in darkness
suddenly they turned pale
quietly the cars began moving